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Cotton sheets used to be considered the preferred fabric of choice for bed linens. But like everything else, bedding and linens have evolved to new and better fabrics that last longer and are 100% recyclable. Of course, we’re talking about microfiber bedsheets, the soft, breathable linen that is quickly replacing cotton and flannel luxury bed sheets as the preferred material for luxury bedding.

What Are Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets?

Brushed microfiber bed sheets are made from a synthetic material made from either polyamides, polyesters such as nomex, nylon and Kevlar, or a combination of the two. While microfibers first burst onto the scene in the household cleaning industry, they are now making their way to other niches in the market. Because of the soft yet durable texture, microfiber bed sheets have become extremely popular.

The softness of the material makes microfiber linens feel like luxury bedding—at a fraction of the cost. Because the natural softness of microfiber is further enhanced by brushing, the end result is unparallelled in the bed sheets market. Brushing is simply when you take fine-toothed metal brush and separate some of the loose microfibers, thereby agitating them and making them even softer.

What are the Benefits of Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets?

In addition to being super soft and more durable than cotton, this luxury bedding item is also breathable, stain-resistant and anti-allergenic. This is thanks to the fact that microfibers are 100 times thinner than a strand of human hair which means that dust mites and other allergens will be prevented from forming on the bed sheets. Plus, microfiber produces 100% wrinkle free sheets, meaning your bed looks fresh and crisp from the second you put the linens on until the second you toss them in the wash.

The tough, rugged microfiber bed sheets also stand up to wash load after wash load, never losing their soft, supple appearance or their stain-resistant qualities. You’ll come out with a perfectly washed linen each and every time, free of wrinkles and pilling, ready to go on your bed and provide a perfect night’s sleep. Simply toss the sheets in your home washing machine and wash in cold water with like colors. Then, throw them in the dryer and tumble dry your bed sheets on low heat. Remove the microfiber bed sheets from dryer as soon as they are dry and then apply a warm iron for extra softness if desired.

Why Buy Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets?

Still, you don’t need to iron the sheets if you don’t want to because they are wrinkle free sheets. Straight from the dryer to your bed, you’ve never experienced such softness on a linen at such a low price. Because the sheets are made from polyester and/or polyamides, it has a number of great qualities, including:

• Soft to the touch
• Durable and rugged
• Wrinkle free
• Stain resistant
• Easy to wash and dry
• Feels like your favorite t-shirt
• Breathability of cotton
• Super lightweight
• Feels cool in summer, warm in winter
• Cheaper to manufacturer than flannel sheets
• Available in designer, luxury bed sheets
• Super thin yet super strong
• No need for ironing
• Comes in all bed sizes
• Comes in all types of colors and patterns
• Cost-effective
• Lasts for years

Microfiber Bed Sheets are the Linens of the Future

With such a huge upside, we’re already seeing many people make the switch to microfiber bed sheets, whether for cost, comfort, allergies or other reasons. The bottom line is that we’re at a new dawn in bedding, akin to the first time mattresses stopped being stuffed with straw. Never before have we seen such affordable wrinkle free sheets and luxury bedding that was designed to withstand the tossing and turning of even the roughest sleeper.

Children will absolutely love the microfiber sheets thanks to their cool, soft feel, but adults will love them even more since they won’t stain and won’t wrinkle. Getting your child to make their bed with stain free and wrinkle free sheets is akin to winning half the battle! To find out where you can buy brushed microfiber bed sheets today, click here right now and step out of the dark ages of linens and into the future of luxury bed sheets with microfibers!


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