Don’t Buy Another Bedsheet Until You Read This Shocking News About Brushed Microfiber Linens

Cotton sheets used to be considered the preferred fabric of choice for bed linens. But like everything else, bedding and linens have evolved to new and better fabrics that last longer and are 100% recyclable. Of course, we’re talking about microfiber bedsheets, the soft, breathable linen that is quickly replacing cotton and flannel luxury bed sheets as the preferred material for luxury bedding.

What Are Brushed Microfiber Bed Sheets?

Brushed microfiber bed sheets are made from a synthetic material made from either polyamides, polyesters such as nomex, nylon and Kevlar, or a combination of the two. While microfibers first burst onto the scene in the household cleaning industry, they are now making their way to other niches in the market. Because of the soft yet durable texture, microfiber bed sheets have become extremely popular.

The softness of the material makes microfiber linens feel like luxury bedding—at a fraction of the cost. Because the natural softness of microfiber is further enhanced by brushing, the end result is unparallelled in the bed sheets market. Brushing is simply when you take fine-toothed metal brush and separate some of the loose microfibers, thereby agitating them and making them even softer.


  • Lillian Kay Hedges on Sat, Jul 24, 2021

    I love the fabric of my microfiber sheets, however, The top sheet could use a little less fabric but give it to the fitted bottom sheet. It also needs better elastic to keep the sheet in place.

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